LaRonde: Sick or Sickening?

Now let me just start off by explaining what “LaRonde” is since most of you are probably clueless as to what the word even means. The word “LaRonde” is a French word meaning “the round” or “the circle”. LaRonde is the biggest amusement park in the Montreal area. There are bumper cars, arcades, restaurants, and, you guessed it, rollercoasters. Its not the largest amusement parks in the world, but it certainly gets the job done when you want to get a thrill. LaRonde is a big part of the Montreal community because of the accommodations they makes for kids from summer camps, mentally and physically handicapped people, and even the less mobile seniors that just want to have a fun day.

Last year, I went to LaRonde the day it opened in order to get a reduced price season pass that lasted from May 1st 2007 to October 31st 2007. The regular price for a season pass last year cost around $130; I got it for around $80. Even though I was on a high because I had just saved myself about $50, I still couldn’t get passed the fact that all of the people that worked there looked as if they wanted to commit suicide right then and there. Once I purchased my pass, I was herded in to a large waiting area with what seemed like, and could have possibly been, thousands of other people to wait for what looked like prison gates to rise indicating that we could enter the park. Now I don’t know about you but there is just something about enclosed areas and being surrounded by a large amount of people (some of them mouth-breathers) that doesn’t make me feel well. After waiting for 45 minutes, I was finally able to go on my first ride of the day, “The Goliath”. As soon as I got into my seating area, I realized something: I didn’t like rollercoasters. Too bad for me, we were off and going withing seconds. Twirling, twisting, spinning, flipping, I didn’t know left from right or up from down. 5 minutes or so, after I had gotten off the ride, I felt my stomach start to rumble. Within minutes, I was sweating profusely, and was extremely dizzy. After convincing my friends that they should stay there while I head home, I took the 1.5 hour bus/metro trip home. Just a while after I stepped foot inside my house, I headed to the bathroom to do a thing that I don’t want to talk about (gross!).

I did this whole thing 5 different times just so that I could hang out with my friends.

Today, I went to LaRonde with my friends again. They all bought the season pass; I didn’t. I bought the $45 day pass. This time it wasn’t so bad, I didn’t get sick or anything. However, the “LaRonde Experience” that consists of expensive, unhealthy food, students who are just looking for the extra buck, self-centered teens who don’t think about others and dirty bathrooms, just isn’t for me.

Alot of people may think amusement parks are cool, but if I go again, I know fate will catch up with me and I’ll end up with my head in a toilet!


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  1. Get A Life! Your puke isn’t that interesting!

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