iPod Touch: In Review

I have owned an iPod Touch for about 7 months now and I have decided to do a review on it. I’ll start from the beginning and work my way up to today. I will then give a brief review of all of the native applications of the iPod Touch (Calendar, Mail, Video, etc).

Before I start my review, I would just like to point out that Steve Jobs said, in September of 07′, that the iPod Touch would be a revolutionary media device due to its multi-touch user interface and its simplicity. He said that there was a high-demand from people who didn’t want an iPhone because it wasn’t necessary in their setup (they already had a phone), but these people still wanted something, they wanted an iPod with the exact same interface that didn’t have a phone built-in. Apple listened to what the consumers said and delivered the best iPod ever made: the iPod Touch.

I waited for “my” iPod Touch for about 3 months; this is because I needed to wait for the necessary “funding” for it. By the time it was Christmas, I had my funds, however I didn’t need them because my parents got it for me for Christmas.

Before I tell you what happened next, I must remind you that I had never opened up an Apple product before. I looked a the rather diminutive box and wondered how my iPod Touch could have possibly remained safe. I slowly slid off the box to reveal what I wanted to see: a sleek and beautiful media player. A couple weeks after, I came across something I’d never heard of before: a jailbreak. Withing hours, my iPod Touch had transformed from a simple music player to an do-it-all device. Since then, I have never left the house without my iPod Touch.

Music: The music application on the iPod Touch is the most important application since it is, for all intensive purposes, an iPod. I, personally, love the music app on the iPod Touch. It has great ways to organize my music (by artist, album, etc.), and the way the user flicks the screen up or down for song selection is just so intuitive.

Video: The video application is just okay, in my view. The video itself is amazing through the 3.5″ widescreen display. My problem is with the way to select videos. I think there should be a small preview of the video to the left of the video instead of just a picture. I think it would look much better. I don’t hate the video app, I just don’t really love it.

Mail: Mail on the iPod Touch is the best way to view your e-mail I’ve ever seen. The easy-to-use UI is perfect checking your e-mail quickly and efficiently. Also just to note, the viewing of attachments is very exquisite, you can view almost any format of attachments. The only things that Apple could improve on is the editing of attachments; to date, there is no function to edit attachments. Also, they should create a pop-up that tells you when you have an e-mail.

Calendar: The calendar app is very functional. I use it to plan out my events, birthdays, etc. A very cool add-on would be if the calendar could sync with Google Calendar. Right now, I have to update my events twice, once on my desktop and then again on my iPod Touch.

Clock: This app allows me to see what time it is in every highly populated country in the world.

Photos: This app is great. I don’t use it much because I rarely show off my photos via my iPod Touch. However, I do have a couple albums synced to it and all of the photos look absolutely phenomenal. The accelerometer built-in to the iPod Touch allows the user to rotate the iPod Touch on a 90 degree angle and the photo rotates with it, allowing the user to view their photos in widescreen.

Notes: I don’t really use the Notes app much mostly because of the fact that I don’t really care for the touch keyboard on the iPod Touch. It works just fine, but my fingers always screw-up which letter I want to type.

Safari: Safari on the iPod Touch is amazing. It looks almost exactly like the web browser on the Mac or the PC. Something which Pocket IE failed to do. I use Safari to search for movie-times and what not.

Maps: The Maps application is very good. I didn’t think Google and Apple could do it but indeed they have. Maps looks great on the iPod Touch. There is also a feature that allows the user to check where they are in the world. The direction feature of the app is also quite useful. I use it almost every day, to help me determine how to get from square 1 to square 2 within seconds.

Youtube: Youtube looks good. The videos look just as good as they do on a desktop machine.

Weather: I don’t really use it that much but it sure does work well.

Stocks: I don’t understand stocks so this app is of no use to me.

Calculator: Generic calculator app.

iTunes Mobile Store: I don’t use this app much, I tend to use the normal iTunes Store or Limewire.

Another cool feature of the iPod Touch is the feature that allows the user to create bookmarks and add them to the homescreen. I use a couple of these webapps to keep organized, track my expenses, etc.

All in all, the iPod Touch is a very cool and is a necessity for anyone who wants to upgrade their current media device and who already has a phone.

PS. The jailbreak is very useful, there are many different games and many different utilities to gain almost complete control of your mobile device. However, I will probably stop using the jailbreak once I see the app store that Apple is said to release quite soon for the iPod Touch platform.


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  1. My parents have not given me an ipod touch though i really want one. Is jail breaking illegal????? I really like your blog posts. Keep writing them

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