Me Want MobileMe

MobileMe is a new feature offered by Apple that will be ready for purchase probably at the end of July. MobileMe is pretty much a re-brand of the popular Apple product: .Mac.

Maybe you have a computer at home, one at work, and an iPhone or iPod touch. And it can be hard to keep them all up to date. But now there’s MobileMe. Wherever you are, your iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, and PC are always current and always in sync. And with a suite of elegant new web applications, you can access your data from anywhere.

MobileMe for Mac: MobileMe works with the applications you use on your Mac every day. Just about anything you do in Mail, Address Book, and iCal on your Mac is updated on your iPhone, iPod touch, and on the web at MobileMe even syncs Safari bookmarks on your Mac with the bookmarks on your other computers, iPhone, and iPod touch.

MobileMe for PC: MobileMe also works with PCs. It syncs with the calendar application, the addressbook application, and your e-mail account through Microsoft Outlook.

MobileMe on your iPhone or iPod Touch: Wherever you go, your email, contacts, calendar, and Safari bookmarks are always up to date. Add a contact or change your calendar on your iPhone or iPod touch, and it’s instantly updated on your Mac and PC and on the web at Whether you’re on the road, at work, at home, or at an Internet cafe, the same information follows you.

In my opinion, the best feature that MobileMe offers is the iDisk. The iDisk is accessible from any web browser, Mac or PC. With a very intuitive interface, uploading and organizing files is as simple as drag and drop, literally. You can see your files in list or column view. If you use a Mac, you can find the iDisk in the Finder.

I haven’t used .Mac on my PC because I never thought it was useful. However, I am thinking about purchasing a Macbook. If and when I purchase the Macbook, I will definitely be buying MobileMe ($109) because I will be able to sync all of my machines; my home desktop, my school desktop, my home laptop, the Macbook, and my iPod Touch.

I’m not going to tell Apple this but, I would purchase MobileMe even if it cost $200. Being able to access my computers remotely is a feature that I would pay a lot for.

If you are going to be purchasing MobileMe or if you hate the idea of MobileMe, leave me a comment .


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  1. i like the idea of a the mobile me. The price is good. I really like the ipod touch. And keeping my computer up to date would be nice. I have never hears of mobile me before.

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