USB Hubs

I’m sure you all know what a USB hub is, but just in case you don’t, I’ll explain it to you. A USB hub is hardware that enables the user to have more usb ports. It has a wire that connects to your computer via USB (you must have at least one free USB port on your machine). The hub has a varied number of USB ports on it, ie. 4, 7, 13, etc. Lets say you have a laptop with 2 USB ports. You’re using 1 one them to plug in your iPod and the other is an external hard drive and you also want to plug in a thumbdrive. With the USB hub, the user no longer has to unplug one of their devices from their computer to make way for another one, all of them can be connected at the same time.

I, personally, love the idea of USB hubs because I am addicted to USB devices and I have a lot of them. Let me explain to you my situation:

My desktop computer has six USB ports; 4 of them are USB 1.1 and 2 of them are USB 2.0

The difference between 1.1 and 2.0 is simple: performance. 1.1 can only handle a data transfer rate of up to 12mb/s where as USB 2.0 can handle up to 480mb/s. I was in the middle of syncing a large movie file to both of my iPods using both USB 2.0 ports. I also wanted to plug in my digital camera to sync some photos from the camera to my computer. To do so I had two options: 1. Wait a long time for the sync to finish and then upload my photos very quick or plug the digital camera into the USB 1.1 port and wait a long time for the photos to sync to my computer. In the end I plugged the camera into the 1.1 port and waited for 25 minutes for my photos to sync.

This whole problem could have been avoided had I simply bought a USB 2.0 hub ($50). I now have a USB hub (13 ports) and I absolutely love it. I never feel the need for more USB ports, there are always a couple of them that are free.

I can’t wait for the next generation of USB!

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  1. I think you are write about the USB but i still really don’t get it. I don’t need it.

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