Where to Find me on the Web

Even though I have just started my blog, it doesn’t mean I have been completely kept in the dark about all the internet has to offer. Here are a couple places you may find me on the web.

robertdalesio.googlepages.com: This is my website. It has been up for about a month now. It gets frequent traffic due to the fact that I write about what people want to hear.

Many people use Facebook to communicate with their friends and collegues. On Facebook I am known as: Robert D’Alesio

My e-mail addresses: 1. robertdalesio@gmail.com 2. robertdalesio@yahoo.ca (please don’t spam me)

My MSN: robertdalesio@gmail.com

So feel free to add me on facebook and MSN, or e-mail me at either of the two e-mail addresses.
I always like hearing from you guys.


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