My Organizational Setup

It has been proven that the more organized one is, the more he/she will succeed in everyday challenges. From early childhood, I haven’t needed organization in terms of events. I have been gifted with a memory that very rarely fails on me. However, as in everyone’s life, there are times when I just can’t remember where I am supposed to be, what I’m supposed to do, etc. As I get deeper and deeper into high-school, I have noticed a large increase daily tasks (tests, projects, homework, etc). I am also on-the-go with my ever-existent soccer schedule and my intense reffing schedule. Add in other occasional events such as volunteering, extra-curricular activities, birthdays and friendly get-togethers and the list of tasks becomes impossible to remember. Now that school has finished I do not need organization as much but it has still become a necessity due to all the stuff I’m still into (soccer, and whatnot). I have been searching for software that could help me stay organized throughout the summer and the 08-09 school year.

I am relatively new to Google and it’s powers. Early in 2008, my computer teacher told us that we needed to create a googlepages web page. To do this, we needed to create a Gmail account. I only used this address to gain access to googlepages. One day, as I was trying to log into googlepages I realized something: I liked the look of Gmail (by “look”, I mean UI). It was clean and rather customizable. After using the account as my primary e-mail address for about a month, I finally clicked on the section at the top of Gmail that says “More”. Then I clicked the button “Even More”. I saw some products that Google had created like Blogger and Google Calendar. I checked out the calendar and instantly fell in love with it. The UI isn’t perfect (especially in “Month” mode), but it definitely does the trick. I use Google Calendar over the calendar in Outlook because I love the fact that it is on the web and that I may access it on any generic PC. Not every PC has Outlook installed on it. The interface of Outlook 2007 may look great but it’s just not practical for me.

The only reason I would prefer the Outlook calendar to Google Calendar is because Outlook can sync with the iPod Touch. I always have my iPod Touch on me and I love checking out my daily or weekly schedule on it. Gmail does not sync with the iPod Touch therefore I must create a webclip of Google Calendar (which is not formatted for the iPod Touch) to view my calendars. Apple will soon be releasing a product which I have talked about a few times called MobileMe. This product will allow the user to use “push” e-mail, “push” contacts and “push” calendar to your iPhone or iPod Touch. The only problem with MobileMe is that it costs $100 whereas Google Calendar and Gmail are free.

Well today, I have found some software that will allow me to get “almost push” e-mail and “almost push” calendars for free. Before I tell you what the pieces of software are, I would just like to say that they were both acquired using the Installer on my jailbroken iPod Touch. The first piece of software is called NemusSync. This program which runs on the iPod Touch only enables the user to sync their Google Calendar with the calendar on their iPhone or iPod Touch. It isn’t really “push” though because I have to press the “sync now” button on my iPod Touch to sync the two calendars. Another flaw with this program is the different colors from my calendars on Google Calendar are not represented on the iPod Touch. All of the events are in blue which is okay. I would have wanted them to be in different colors though. The next piece of software is called iCheckMail. Normally, when you go into the “mail” settings on the iPod Touch, it says that it can check for mail every 15 or 30 minutes. With iCheckMail, I can change the setting to every minute. Again this is not exactly “push” but it certainly does the trick. Its not like I need to update my mail every second. These two pieces of software have allowed me to turn my Google web apps into something that would normally run on the desktop.

When MobileMe comes out, I will be purchasing the license. If not because I already have my mail and calendars “pushed” to my iPod Touch, then because of the 20GB of storage in the “cloud”. Its just nice to know that you can get high-quality software for free now-a-days.

If you needed software to sync your iPhone or iPod Touch with Gmail or if you will be purchasing MobileMe when it ships, leave a comment or e-mail me at

A screen shot of Google Calendar’s awesome UI.


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  1. I am a very disorganized person. i had no idea that there was a calendar on the computer that would’ve helped a lot during the school year. Keep writing

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