Photo Management and Photo Editing

I was recently checking out the Google website, looking for some cool new software; photo editiong software to be specific. You see, my sister has a digital camera from Olympus which comes with its own managing and editing software. The software is just terrible. The interface is crummy, customization doesn’t exist, and the editing capabilities are very limited. When I first saw her camera, I realized that it came with separate software for photo management. I didn’t get my hopes up because the camera itself wasn’t top-of-the-line, but I didn’t expect it to be horrible. When I uploaded the first group of photos, my mouth dropped. Last year, I wasn’t as tech savvy but I wasn’t a complete newbie; I couldn’t understand anything.

I’ve been using Olympus’ software for a whole year and I have finally become mad at the software. By accident, without knowing what the hell I was doing, I deleted about 400 photos from the hard-drive. I shut down the software immediately and left the computer area fearing I would do some damage to my desktop. This morning, I ventured deep into the internet in order to find some freeware or even shareware that could help me manage what was left of my photo library. I came across Aperture from Apple which is a very advanced photo editing tool that is way over my current budget that I alloted to photos ($30). I then found iPhoto which is of no use to me since I do not own a Mac… yet. iPhoto seemed cool and I’ll probably be using it when I get the Macbook. Next I found Adobe Photoshop CS3; $700 for photo editing…. NO! After that I found Adobe Photoshop Elements. This seemed great. It costs $99 and it will probably do whatever minor editing I want it to do. Also, the photo management was perfect but it is much better than what I’m stuck with now. Finally I came across something that would fit my needs perfectly…..

Picasa is another one of Google’s freeware utilities that enables the user to easily manage photos and edit them. It is open-source so it is absolutely free of charge. The photo management can actually take place in the cloud if you want it to, by using Picasa Web Albums. They are stored on the web and are kept safe and secure there. The image editor is a desktop application that needs to be downloaded which is fine for me. Everything works absolutely easily. The simplicity of the interface allows me to make every change I need to make to an image. The images can be viewed in many different views which is nice. Also, the photos can be managed differently, whether they’re managed in timeline view or calendar view.

I will definitely be using Picasa on all of my Windows PCs that are floating around my house. By the time I purchase a Mac, there will hopefully be a version out for OSX.

If you use Picasa or if you know of a good photo editor, leave a comment or e-mail me at

A screen shot of Picasa.


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