Woman Dies on Hospital Bed Floor

This story was done by CNN. It is just shows how bad health care really is in the United States. This post was written by a Lockergnome blogger named Kat who is extremely talented. I’m sure that once you read this, you’ll be thinking about it for a while.

Woman Dies on Hospital Bed Floor

According to CNN, Esmin Green is a symbol of a health-care system that seems to have failed horribly. Esmin’s pastor from her church says she had been hospitalized withemotional problems in the past, and recently appeared to be in distress again. The pastor decided to call 911 to get her some help. Upon her admission, Green waited nearly 24 hours for treatment. Hospital surveillance cameras from four different angles show her fall out of her chair to the floor 5:32 a.m. She landed face-down on the floor, convulsing, and she stopped moving at 6:07 a.m. At 6:35 a.m., the tape shows a hospital employee approaching and nudging Green with her foot, the group said. Help was summoned three minutes later. In addition, hospital staff falsified Green’s records to cover up the time she had lain there without assistance. Contrary to what was recorded by the hospital’s video cameras, the patient’s medical records say that at 6 a.m., she got up and went to the bathroom, and at 6:20 a.m. she was ’sitting quietly in waiting room’… more than 10 minutes since she last moved and 48 minutes after she fell to the floor.

I cannot even begin to describe how outraged I am over the ‘treatment’ of this woman. I watched the surveillance video, and I think my mouth literally hit the floor. You can see the security guard come in the waiting room twice, look right at the patient, and walk away without doing a thing. Did he think she was stuck amongst those chairs and lying on the floor for the fun of it? He couldn’t take 10 seconds to see if she needed help? I mean, it’s not like she was in a hospital waiting room or anything.

Ms. Green is from Jamaica, and left six children behind. She had been working and living here, attending church, and sending money home to her family. I have a feeling she didn’t have traditional health insurance. She likely had state-paid ‘insurance’, or none at all. Yep, you guessed it. I’m going on a rant.

You cannot sit there and tell me people in this same situation are not treated differently from those who have traditional health insurance. I know for a fact they are. When I was divorced, my daughters and I received medical ‘insurance’ from the state for a couple of years. The place I worked offered insurance, but had I paid for it, we wouldn’t have eaten. I was also going to college full time in order to obtain a better job where I could afford it. I’m not ashamed of being on state aid. We needed it, and that’s that.

While we were on this program, we of course visited various doctors, clinics and hospitals. We were treated with everything from snide comments to outright rudeness and disgust. We were looked upon as “lesser” than people who paid in cash, or presented their shiny ‘traditional’ insurance cards. Is it my fault that the state is so slow about paying? I actually had a nurse one time comment to me that it’s “pathetic to see able-bodied people taking handouts”. I smiled at her sweetly, and said “I’m glad to know you presume so much about my life. Would you like me to dissect yours?”. I was humiliated, but I sure as hell did not let her see that.

Would Ms. Green be dead right now if someone… ANYONE… at the hospital had paid attention to her? That’s impossible to answer, of course. But, the fact is, we’ll never know. She may have been able to be saved quite easily for all we know. It’s sad and infuriating that there is no answer to that question. It’s repungent to know that because of lazy people who don’t obviously give a damn about others or their jobs couldn’t be bothered to come to the aid of a woman who so obviously needed them.

Creepy. I hope this never happens to me when I get older. Oh yeah, it won’t because I live in



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  1. that is so creepy. how come no one saw her on the floor struggling??????

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