A Revolutionary E-book Reader

If there’s one company that wants the e-books to succeed, it’s Amazon.com. The mammoth online retailer may have moved well beyond it’s book-based beginnings, but it’s innovative, fairly expensive, device is the e-book’s best hope to get back in the game.

smaller than a hardcover book and larger than a paperback, the white plastic Kindle feels good in hand. It features a sharp electronic ink display that is relatively grey, but the contrast is high enough to make for easy reading. You can also shift between six text sizes, perfect for those people who have failing eyes.

With 180MB of on board memory, the Kindle can store about 200 books, and there’s an SD card slot for additional storage. Buying new books is dead simple. Go to the Kindle store page, find a title you want, and within 10 seconds the book is downloaded to your device using the built-in cellular modem. Hardcover titles cost about $10 each, with paperbacks dipping as low as $3 apiece. Besides more than 88000 e-books, Amazon also offers paid subscriptions to newspapers, magazines, and blogs.

I am willing to purchase the Kindle ($400) because I love reading and because the Kindle is by far the best e-book reader I’ve seen, though given the long history of failed devices in this category, that is not saying much! But for the avid reader who is willing to part with paper, it is the best option out there.


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  1. I think that it is way to expensive for something like that

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