Problems With iTunes

On July 13, I downloaded iTunes 7.7. I needed this download to upgrade my iPod Touch firmware from 1.1.4 to 2.0. The download process was really bad and the setup process was a bitch to figure out. I am usually good with installing software but this time I just couldn’t do it. I went over every single possibility as to why iTunes, a great product from Apple, would be so terribly hard to figure out. I disconnected my iPod, I reconnected my iPod, I rebooted my computer… twice, I even re-downloaded Quicktime just in case there was some sort of connection between the two. After about 45 minutes of struggling, I decided I would be able to go without the download for another day. The next day, I tried to download it again and this time it worked like a charm. 

I opened up iTunes download the firmware, got some songs, got some apps………NOT. When I opened the application, it froze, and nothing worked. I couldn’t even close the damn thing. I had to start the taskmanager and close it from there. Even using the taskmanager it took about five minutes for the application to close. I repeated this process over and over again until I realized that there was no use; iTunes was having a major problem. 
Tuesday, July 15, I opened up iTunes and it froze again, but this time I decided to play a game while waiting for it to unfreeze. After about 10 minutes, iTunes unfroze and I was able to browse my music and the iTunes Store. I plugged in my iPod and my computer detected it… but not iTunes. It just continued doing what it was doing. I rebooted my iPod and still, nothing happened. I force restored the iPod (home button+sleep/wake button) and it still wouldn’t work. So I left iTunes on for another 5 minutes and it finally discovered my iPod. Everything synced perfectly and I was able to browse the App Store on my iPod. 
To this day, I have to wait for iTunes to unfreeze and then search for my iPod for like 15 minutes. I’m not very pleased with Apple right now. I hope this is only the case with me and my situation and that you guys who are using iTunes are having a glitch free time, but if you are having problems, please leave a comment or e-mail me at

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