E-mail Address Matters

To be professional, the e-mail you choose matters. There are three places people fall down when using e-mail for their business. First is in using a personal address to do business. It’s best to have a separate account for business, to keep your work organized, and to make sure you don’t accidentally send a key prospect your favorite goofy pictures of your pets.

Second is choice e-mail name – what you call yourself. This gets back to the personalization and the playfulness. Plenty of people go online as “girlygirl” or “mrstud” or “spadefan” or “iluvhockey,” and this is absolutely fine for personal life – but it’s not a great way to introduce yourself to that buyer who could send a $50,000 order your way. It’s a better idea to use a form of your own name, or your title. (ex: jan.a.lastname@business.com, salessdirector@business.com)

And the third place people fall down is in the domain name – that “@business.com” section of the e-mail name. Think about it – you never get an e-mail from IBM or Toshiba or Honda that ends in “aol.com” or “hotmail.com”. They all have domain names that tie directly to their name of their company. You can get a domain name with the name of your company in it, and it would be a good idea. This is surprisingly simple and inexpensive, and many of the common e-mail providers work with that, for a small fee. If you’re setting up a Website, you’ll be getting a domain name anyway.

If you don’t want to bother with you own domain name, at least to do some checking and make sure you use a service that isn’t thought of as just for play. Ask a few colleagues for their impressions of the various services, and make a decision based on that.


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