“Bigfoot”= Big Hoax

Down in Georgia, the US state not the country, 3 guys claimed that they had actually found the remains of Bigfoot. They showed a picture of what appeared to be a big furry creature, along with guts and blood. They claimed to have found the remains in the forest while hiking. After the DNA testing, it was showed that some of the remains were human and some were from a possum. Some web sites also claimed that the furry remains looked a lot like a costume one could purchase on the internet.

According to this article it states:

Despite the dubious photo and the commercial interests of the alleged discoverers, the Bigfoot claim drew interest from Australia to Europe and even The New York Times.

Bascardi said the DNA samples may not have been taken correctly and may have been contaminated, and that he would proceed with an autopsy of the alleged Bigfoot remains, currently in a freezer at an undisclosed location.

So who is this Biscardi guy? Well according to some he is a long tiem con artist aka promoter from Las Vegas. Either way, there is no positive proof that this is really Bigfoot.

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  1. I think your blog is great! Great Article

  2. Nice page. I share your interest in Bigfoot, and I’ve been watching the recent events with a keen eye as well. You should probably check out my story about my personal Bigfoot hunting expedition which started in the backwoods of Arkansas and is now headed to Australia for the “Yowie.” I just posted part one of this story, and the second half will be up tonight.
    Catch ya’ later,

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