Dual Monitors: Is There Any Need?

I got an e-mail the other day from someone named “Frost”. Here it goes:

Hey Rob, I was just wanting your opinion on dual monitors. Is there really any need for them nowadays? Considering we have applications like “Spaces” on OSX and Compiz on Linux, where it allows you to have multiple desktops running at the same time. Considering you can only look at one monitor at one time, where’s the need in having more than one, when you can run multiple desktops on the one monitor, and being able to switch between them instantly. The only real reason I see, in having more than one monitor is for the people who like playing simulation games who not only want to see in front of them, but around them as well. But even that isn’t a viable reason to have more than one monitor, as these games allow you to look to your left/right using a mouse/stick…

Dude. Since I’ve connected my laptop to my 20″ monitor, I totally see the need for a dual monitor setup. I like using the second screen for my IM, gadgets etc.


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