Presenting to The Back Row

I received an e-mail from a user who would like to remain anonymous. He/she has a question to ask me: 

Is there any way to download a larger cursor for my MacBook? When I’m giving a presentation, it’s difficult for my audience to keep track of where the pointer is on my screen because it’s so small. 

You’re in luck! You don’t need to download or purchase any additional software to get a larger cursor, because this functionality is built right into your Mac.

Go into System Preferences > Universal Access, and click the Mouse tab (or Mouse & Trackpad if you’re using a laptop). Adjust the Cursor Size slider bar near the bottom of the window, and your cursor will instantaneously grow or shrink right before your very eyes! This size selection will affect all of the cursors on your Mac: the mouse pointer, the grabber hand, the pointer finger, the text selection tool – everything.

However, when you’re giving a presentation, your audience may really want to see the entire screen a little larger, and not just the cursor itself. If that’s the case, you can easily turn on your Mac’s zoom option by pressing Command-Option-8 on your keyboard. ONce you zoom option is enabled, you can zoom in and out of your entire screen by pressing Command-Option-= (equal sign) and Command-Option (hyphen), respectively. 

And for even better visual effects while giving a presentation, try Mousepose ($16.95,, which will highlight your cursor’s location on the screen, display a colored circle whenever you click your mouse button, and visually display your keystrokes. 

I hope this helps,



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