Are Personal Home Pages and Blogs Dying?

Back in the days of dial-up, there wasn’t much you could do with a home page. In order to digitize photos, you had to actually scan them. Webpages have been designed for early-1990s. 

I was reading my feeds the other night, and saw an article written by a man named Jeffrey Zeldman. If you’re into any kind of Web design, then you know who he is. His article on April 27th, called The Vanishing Personal Site. I want to share the beginning of this article with you.

Our personal sites, once our primary points of online presence, are becoming sock drawers for displaced first-person content. We are witnessing the disappearance of the all-in-one, carefully designed personal site containing professional information, links, and brief bursts of frequently updated content to which others respond via comments. Did I say we are are witnessing the traditional personal site’s disappearance? That is inaccurate. We are the ones making our own sites disappearance.

This is a change that I’ve been recognizing and have talked about in the past. When I mention that “brand is becoming increasingly decentralized”, this is what I mean. As you begin to create more videos, more audio and more text… if you’re not keeping track of your own content somehow, you are not doing yourself any favors. It’s great to have accounts on many on many different places. But if you cannot at least direct back to you somehow, by having your own personal space to keep track of it all… you’re potentially losing yourself and your identity.

Registering and host a Website these days is easy, and inexpensive. Heck, you can register a site using GoDaddy for like $2. I know many people who use WebAir for their hosting. You can get good prices there as well. I think that yes, the personal site is vanishing. It doesn’t have to though. If you’re using a theme or structure that allows you to aggregate all of your social places, you will be alright.


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