Can Hollywood Help LinkedIn?

As LinkedIn struggles to remain relevant in an ever more socially networked world, the Internet company has found a constituency that might need its help.

The economy everywhere is no picnic, but the situation in Hollywood has been made worse by a screenwriters’ strike, a threatened actors’ strike and the shuttering of several independent film companies. More layoffs are likely, particularly at Paramount, which must decide what to do with its DreamWorks unit once Steven Spielberg decamps.

Enter LinkedIn. The company bills itself as “the world’s largest and most powerful business network” but is known to most people as the Web site they begrudgingly visit every few months to approve be-my-contact invitations. Could Hollywood’s woes represent and opportunity for LinkedIn to woo new followers?

“Because so many people are looking for work, entertainment is an area that’s ripe people to be ambitious and entrepreneurial,” said Rob Getzschman, LinkedIn’s entertainment market manager.

Mr. Getzschman lectured about LinkedIn at the Los Angeles Film Festival; on Thursday a LinkedIn representative will speak to indie filmmakers at a film Independent workshop, also in Los Angeles. Engagements at the Screen Actors Guild and the Writers Guild of America are also planned. LinkedIn has one happy customer, Robert Margouleff, a producer of Stevie Wonder albums, lost a big sound-mixing client. After attending a LinkedIn event, he used the network to find sponsors for a documentary and to meet a National Geographic executive


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