Amateur Journalism

Usually, I roam several web sites to see what is new online. I came across a new company called, a startup that is offering cash for your news articles. The offer starts now and goes until February 19, 2009. This site caters to what are called citizen journalists and the pay isn’t too shabby. In an article from SF Gate it states:

Citizen journalists whose work gets at least 100,000 page views in six months will earn $1000. If they achieve 1,000,000 page views, they will earn $10,000. If you have a blog and install Allvoice’s blogging widget, whatever you write on your blog will be posted directly on Allvoice’s site.

The offer expires next Frebruary 2009.

Right now all content that’s submitted to Allvoices is automatically posted after it’s combined with other relevant content that Allvoices finds on the web. In the future, however, Tareen expects to hire human editors. She’s also like to build a community of good contributors and has pitched Allvoices to journalism schools because she figures graduates will have a hard time finding jobs.

Allvoices expects to make money though advertising and will share a percentage of that revenue with contributors, Tareen said.

After viewing the website it is very professional looking and carries news items separated by categories. To post a news article only requires a simple registration process. But is 100,000 views or 1,000,000 views possible for a single story? That all depends how many folks are chasing the same news.

One of the problems that some bloggers are starting to notice is that now it seems that everyone is chasing the same story. This has been reported on more than one occasion by who other than bloggers themselves. Linking back to various stories from web based companies who make money from the track backs is now the norm on the internet. So in order from any blogger or journalist to get 1,000,000 views in six months may be a challenge.

Is it impossible? Not at all. Six months is a long time.


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