A “Successful Blog”

So what creates a successful blog? Well although I have not created a so called “successful blog” as of yet, I am going to post things that I think will make my blog successful and also try to inspire my readers to create their own.

Some of the things in which I think will make my blog successful, are listening to my readers, take criticism as a learning experience, and be positive. I feel these three things set the foundation for a successful blog. Of course I am purposely excluding other important such as posting new things on your blog, posting interesting things, getting potential readers, and getting your blog “out there”. I feel that these are the obvious things in blogging and therefore will not comment on them.

My constant observation of others blogs has leaded me to a conclusion that blogging is not just a show of your knowledge, or the expansion of your knowledge to impact others, but blogging is a relationship, a relationship much like any other relationship, except it’s a read and write relationship. Listening to your readers is a huge part of that relationship. Without a blogger listening to their fellow readers I believe they will not be 100% successful. Sure they will attract some audience but that audience will be limited. This leads me to taking criticism as a learning experience.


Some individuals thrive when it comes to criticism while others dwindle. A blogger like me will strive from criticism. See, what I will try to achieve is constant improvement. If readers find my postings to crude or harsh or anything than I will try my hardest to improve on my postings and strive with their criticism. This is a tactic that should be practiced I feel that this is another important factor in the wonderful world of blogging.

The final thing which I think is extremely important is to be positive. Positivity is one thing that I think will get your blog to “boom”. People will not only come to your blog because of your posts and your take on things they will come to your blog because they are so attracted to your attitude. Like stated previously blogging is a relationship, and people will flow to your blog because of your positivity.

Although this may be a brief input on how you can create a successful blog, I feel that it is just a basic understanding, but a basic understanding that may be necessary to jump start ones blogging experience.



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