Top 5 Things we Cannot Live Without

Because we are so technologically enthused nowadays, there are many things we cannot live without. Life without some gadgets, gizmos, toys or whatever word “floats you boat”, that we use every day, would be highly upsetting. Therefore I have put together a little list of the 5 things that we use day to day, that now cannot be taken from us:

  1. Television is first on this list. The only thing that allows you to express all emotions. Just think about it, you can cry watching television shows, laugh, be happy, get mad or get upset. It is the one thing that is the perfect excuse for being a couch potato.
  2. Cell Phones are of course going to be on the list. Do you remember those days where you had to use a pay phone to contact people, or had a pager then had to call people back? how irritating!
  3. Email is next on my list. I swear this could be the best thing that ever happened. Just think you do not have to call anyone, they don’t have to hear your voice, they just have to read what you say and respond back to you. Absolutely brilliant!
  4. Next is Internet, need I comment anymore.
  5. Last but not least: blogs! Oh what would we do without the wonderful world of blogging. Blogs are so amazing! One can be amazed of the interesting thoughts and opinions others have, and the interesting facts they can find out.
Well that’s it for now, just a short post. List you things you cannot live without.

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