Facial Recognition

Google’s open-source photo editor called Picasa has been updated in a rather major way. The new feature that Google has implemented is facial recognition. 

This update was launched at noon today. The facial recognition technology will ask you to identify the people in your pictures that you haven’t tagged yet. Once you do and start uploading more pictures, Picasa starts suggesting tags for people based on the similarity between their face in the picture and the tags you already put in place for them.

Google didn’t create this facial recognition program. It comes from an acquisition Google made in 2006 of Neven Vision. Neven Vision specialized in matching facial detail with images already found in a centralized database. Picasa’s facial recognition technology works in the same way.

Nobody knows if the facial recognition technology will be able to accurately identify each person in a picture, but it works best when a person is facing the camera and will have trouble identifying if they’re not. 

I don’t care if it works or not, at least Google didn’t completely drop Picasa. This update shows that they still care about Picasa and that there will most likely be updates in the future.


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