Why Men Can’t Commit

Researchers say they’ve found a genetic variation that may be responsible for weakening some men’s ability to be manogamous.

Scientists studied gene variations in about 500 men who are in committed relationships. In addition to the gene study, the men and their mates, who had been together at least five years, answered questions about their relationship, including whether they had ever considered a divorce and how often they kissed their spouses.

Fifteen to 16 percent of the men who had either no copies or just one copy of the 334 allele reported a marital crisis in the past year, Science News reported.

But 34 percent of men who had two copies of the 334 allele reported conflict. Despite the findings, scientists believe it’s a combination of behaviors of the individuals involved in a relationship and genes that make or break couples.

I feel bad for the women who get left behind. They are the ones that suffer.


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