Chris Pirillo started a blogging network called Lockergnome. I decided to check it out. I attempted to sign up because I felt as if I should widen my perspective on blogging. After answering a few simple questions, it asked me to write a blog post to see if my writing was good enough. I don’t know about you, but I am offended by this. Why should I have to prove myself. The idea of the fact that I tried out for a blogging site drives me crazy. I can’t imagine that there is somebody who decides whether or not you are up to “standard”. 

Anyway, I submitted a post and hopefully I’ll make it in. I’ll probably use Lockergnome for more of the monetization part of my blog. I’ll probably copy my posts from this blog over to that one. I am definitely not giving up on this blog yet though because I feel as if I have done well for myself here. I have over 8,000 hits in under a month. I’ve written over 200 posts between June 28 and today. I feel as if I have established a well-developed profile here on WordPress. My posts are doing great in the search engines, so I will not be leaving WordPress like I left Blogger. Blogger sucked, WordPress doesn’t so there is no reason to leave!


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  1. Greetings,
    I am a Lockergnome blogger, and I was one of the people supportive of testing out the bloggers first, as Lockergnome is not just another ‘whatever’ blog site’. Quality, not quantity tends to define a blog’s success. I am sure considering the quality of your writing that you made it in, but I have as of yet not seen your work, unless it is under a different name.

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