Screening Employees

More and more employers are using social networking as part of the hiring process:

“…The study found that the number of hiring managers that are turning to social networks like MySpace and Facebook to delve into candidates’ online behavior is increasing quickly: Some 22% of employers said they already peruse social networks to screen candidates, while an additional 9% said they are planning to do so. Only 11% of  managers used technology in 2006.”

Perhaps a future presidential candidate posting on MySpace or Facebook. – When the Los Angeles Lakers drafted Andrw Bynum, he had been a high school student. Like a great number of high school students, Andrew Bynum had a candid social network space. within days, Andrew’s Bynum’s page was removed. However, with cache and archive services, postings never really disappear. – MySpace, Facebook and other online services may provide unique insights of future presidential candidates.


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