Blogging = ?

There’s something about blogging that doesn’t seem to make sense to me – Blogging is supposed to be a sort of journalling, and I’ve always thought of journalling as something personal. And yet. Aren’t the most popular blogs the impersonal ones? They’re the ones about pop culture and politics and fashion and nearly nothing about the individual. Even in life blogs, there’s a sort of air of distance, I think, between the writer and the narrator, who are theoretically one and the same.

And I guess that makes sense, in a way, because who wants to read a blog that says the same thing over and over again? Who wants to read a story in which nothing interesting happens? And yet. I wish those quiet, personal blogs could garner more attention, that people would read blogs that carry more emotion than motion. Which maybe is partly for a selfish reason, but also I just, I just think slices-of-life can be just as interesting as gossip and scandal. I think they’re more meaningful in a way


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