I know we all get those people trying to leave comments that are obviously spam, but it has just gotten ridiculous! Before, you would just get the comments cutting a snippet out of your blog and pasting it into another, but now, it seems like they are trying to put “Generic Cialis” and other stupid ads in my blog! Including comments not in english! It is fine if you don’t speak English, but please do not advertise on my blog in another language in the hopes I will approve it. I actually do go and monitor my blog

I know not everyone who reads this will have a blog on here, but most of you do. If you feel like you are being spammed relentlessly by spammers too, leave a comment saying it. If it isn’t spam, I will approve you. There are better ways to make a living than making ads that the public will never see and just annoying bloggers to no end. If you are a spammer. Please do not ever comment on my blog again. No one cares about generic cialis. That is just sick and disgusting to do that on a tech blog.


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