Facebook Co-Founder Leaving

I just read an article that Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskowitz is leaving the company to start his own business with Facebook engineer Justin Rosenstein.

Dustin Moskowitz helped design Facebook, the popular social networking site. InformationWeek is reporting via Valleywag that Moskowitz plans to launch a software startup. Evidently CEO Mark Zuckerberg notified Facebook employees in an e-mail.

Rosenstein left Google in 2007 to join Facebook. Rosenstein said that the company did with 60 engineers what 600 other engineers could not pull off and was on the verge of “changing the world”. Facebook has hired several former Google execs since then.

According to the article, Rosenstein posted a statement on his Facebook profile saying that he and Moskowitz plan to create software that becomes as indispensible as Facebook.

Now get this: I just read over at Valleywag that Jonathan Heiliger, a top Facebook executive, may also leave the company.

According to Valleywag, Heiliger, Facebook’s operations VP charge with running the social network’s expansive server network, has been interviewing for other jobs.

Well, that’s certainly interesting! Makes you wonder what’s going on over at Facebook, huh? Read more here.

I love Facebook and use it often. I’m interested to see what happens next inside the popular company that made such a fun app. Hey, Facebook just might be looking for employees. Head over to the Facebook Job page and check it out if you’re searching for a job. Ya never know. 😉


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