Fring Brings VoIP to the iPhone

I had always wondered if releasing a jailbroken application hindered a developer’s chances of having subsequent legal apps approved by Apple for the App Store, and now I have my answer. It seems releasing a jailbroken application has done Fring no harm at all, as a fully legal and free version of its VoIP app is now available for the iPhone on the App Store.

Sadly, because of Apple’s strict restrictions on the iPhone SDK, the iPhone version of Fring does not have access to the iPhone 3G’s 3G connectivity, meaning that for the time being anyway, this is strictly a wifi application.


The other concession is that it cannot run in the background, so you will need to load fring each time you want to make a VoIP call, unless you just want to leave it running all the time, which is unlikely for the average iPhone user. Even so, as an early release, fring have made the very best of the SDK in among Apple’s various restrictions.

It has to be said that the application is pretty limited in comparison to various other smartphone versions of the app and unless you tend to be within constant reach of an accessible wifi point, it’s unlikely that fring will stand to save you much money on making calls. On the other hand, seeing as the new iPod touch is fully compatible with the mic equipped Apple headphones, it too can now be used to make calls, which is a major upside for the device.


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