Did You Buy an Old MacBook?

When my friend was faced with the decision of buy a MacBook Pro or waiting, he immediately took the leap of faith without knowing if Apple would be releasing the new unit within the next few weeks or not. As it turns out, he was wrong and Apple did release a new MacBook Pro. However, he did not suck it up and go on – he went searching for some answers as to what you can do if you are in the same situation. In this post, I’m going to tell you what he found out.

When you purchase a new product from Apple you have 14 days to return the product. With this 14-day policy, Apple also gives you price protection. From my understanding this covers both pricing decreases as well as new products coming out.

When he took the MacBook Pro to the Apple Store, they immediately looked at his receipt and asked if he wanted a new one. he thought, “This can’t be this easy, can it?” There is a caveat with replacing your old machine with a new model: the Apple Store might charge you a “re-stocking” fee. This is a 10% fee based on the initial purchase price. He questioned them about this and they told him that he would be getting an upgraded product. However, he was able to get his re-stocking fee waived after talking with the manager for a little while.


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