Street View

Following up on a report yesterday, a new tipster sent screenshots of the Maps and Safari applications highlighting changes on the way in iPhone 2.2.

Apple looks like they’re maximizing the income they make from offering a Google search option by cramming a search box in next to the address field. In the current firmware, the search field only appears when the address field is tapped.

As we mentioned yesterday, Google and Apple have also worked out a way to include Google Street View. It doesn’t work quite the way I thought, but is much like Android’s implementation nevertheless: Tapping on an icon of a human torso (according to our tipster) rotates the screen and displays Street View. Then, you can pan around the scene with your finger, in a 360-degree panorama. Our tipster says “the entire experience feels snappier than 2.1, very very fast in general.”

Soon to be available in Maps is a new “Share Location” button that drafts an email with a clickable link. Handy for when you want to find friends after you’ve split up. check out the photos here.


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