New MacBook Pro!

Yesterday was a very important day for me. I woke up at about 9:00a.m. then proceeded to get dressed and eat breakfast. I went to the arena and timekeeped (is that a word?) for three hours, so by the time I was done it was 12:40p.m. I walked home and my mom was waiting for me at the door. Holding $2500 in cash that I had worked very hard for this summer. We both got in the car and drove up to the iStore Boutique in Westmount. After looking for parking for 25 min, we walked inside the perfectly lit Apple Store. We talked to a genius for about 20 minutes because I wasn’t sure if I wanted the MacBook or the MacBook Pro. He said that for a student, all I would need is the MacBook. But I looked at the 1440×900, 15″ display, the FW 800 port, and thought about that speedy Nvidia 9600m GT and I knew I needed the Pro. So I handed the genius $2416 and left the store. When I got home, I wondered if I should do an unboxing video; in the end I decided not to because so many people are doing that nowadays. I will be doing an extensive review of my own, along with custom photos of the machine. Look for it in the next few days.


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