Twitterank Concerns

The Twitter network is buzzing about the possibility that Twitterrank is a phishing scheme. The creator of Twitterank, Ryo Chijiiwa, offers an explanation.

“.. I sent a single tweet to my friends asking them to check out Twitterank, and the beast was unleashed. One hour I had 8 new users. The next hour I had 109. The next 400. Then 1500, then 2400. All this happened while I was at work, and my primary concern was keeping the site up (my hosting service got overwhelmed, so I eventually switched to a friend’s dedicated server. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until much later that I fully grasped the extent of the rumors, and was able to begin addressing some of the concerns people had.”

In Twitter, it is easy enough to go change your password if security is a concern. Go to settings, at the top of the page, and then onto password. This Twitterank concern also serves to illustrate how easily some very experienced people can be lured into giving up a password. Undoubtedly this Twitterank incident has caught the attention of hackers and phishermen.


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