$400 OLPC

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) started out as the $100 laptop. The educational plan was to have a hundred dollar laptop for every child in developing nations. There are now plans to launch retail sales for the laptop but it will not be sold at $100:

“…The plan to put the distinctive green and white XO laptops on sale in 27 European nations was revealed by OLPC founder Nicholas Negroponte in a speech to the World of Health IT Conference in Copenhagen.

When it goes on sale the XO laptop is expected to cost £268 (313 euros) and should be available in 27 EU nations as well as Switzerland, Russia and Turkey.”

At four times the initial projected cost, does this constitute a ‘near miss’? In this sector, OLPC has vigorous competition. For example, Asus is a competitor; and the Asus Eee sells at a lower retail price. OLPC may be forced to be creative in marketing this product. At the moment, the OLPC does not seem to be a leader in this niche market.


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