How Do You Receive Instant Updates?


RSS readers may make it easy to quickly browse through all of your favorite news sources, but they can quickly become overwhelming – many of the most popular blogs publish dozens of posts a day. is looking to help cut through the noise by offering keyword filterings for blogs and other sites that support RSS (like Craigslist), and the ability to send immediate update notifications across a variety of services. allows users to create a list of RSS feeds they’d like to monitor for a set of specific keywords. Whenever one of these keywords appears in a story, can alert them through SMS, Email, instant message, or through a desktop application. Users can also receive immediate updates from their social networks, including Facebook and LinkedIn, by switching their social network account’s email address to [user]

While creating an account is easy, the site itself is more barebones than it should be. The default list of available RSS feeds only offers one source for each category – something that was likely done for simplicity, but sort of defeats the point of being able to monitor a wide variety of sources for a single subject. The site does offer a bookmarklet for adding more feeds to your account later, but it would benefit from a broader selection and more intuitive interface.


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