Apple Wins Against Psystar

In yet another new facet to this already – draining legal battle surrounding Psystar’s sales on non-Apple hardware that runs Mac OS X, Apple has amended its original suit after it discovered “additional information,” according to Computerworld.

Apple now claims Psystar circumvented Apple’s copyright protection code, in violation of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. Apple said in its original filing that Psystar was in violation of the Mac OS X End-User License Agreement, but tacked on this additional charge last week.

The amendment also names 10 “John Does”, persons who were not part of the Psystar company, but broke the copyright protection scheme. Apple doesn’t know who they are yet, but plans to name names when its lawyers find out who they are.

In other Apple legal news, Apple won a trademark infringement case in China against New Apple Concept Digital Technology Co, based in Shenzen. Judges decided that the Chinese company had a logo too similar to Apple’s NACDTCL was ordered to pay 400,000 yuan or US$58000 to Apple.


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