Apple Speaks of 10.5.6 Problems

Apple released a technote detailing an issue that some users have run into awhile installing the latest Mac OS X Software Update.

When attempting to update software using Software Update in Mac OS X.5, the update process may stop responding while “Configuring installation” is visible in the update window.

Apple describes that this may happen when trying to install a partially downloaded update. The work-around is to remove the partially downloaded update and try again. The incomplete update files may be found in “/Library/Updates” and can be safely deleted before trying Software Update again.

Alternatively, users can download the Combo update and install it themselves.

It seems that the bug resulting in the partially downloaded file affects Mac 10.5.1 through 10.5.5. Once you’ve successfully installed 10.5.6, the issue seems to fixed for future updates.


One Response

  1. thank God for this.. I get so annoyed when I’m downloading something, then it tells me (after it finishes downloading-and uses half of my bandwith may I add) The disk image was not able to mount!!! Thank you Apple for fixing this!
    Once again, Apple, I love you. 😉

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