Linux Compared to Windows

I’m sort of a Linux fanboy, and this comparison makes me mad.

I do know that *nix is out of date, but that’s sort of what I love about it. However, even though it is out of date, will *nix become obsolete? It’s built around an evolutionary development, so is it possible? If anyone wants to end Linux, it must be someone who migrates the best of Linux, it must be someone who migrates the best of Linux, BSD, Darwin, and makes a new ‘species’ of an OS that evolves from UNIX.

Plus, the new simplicity of a modular monolithic kernel make it wonderful – never have to configure or install anything, just uncomment or add one line to a text file and BAM! Your trackpad works with every feature being customized to your liking (no limitations, even possibly making it run a script).

I’ve grown to loving the UI that Linux and BSD provide (so long as everything works minimally without hacking) that I would hate to see it become obsolete when I grow up. I want to see it evolve and stay secure, while keeping the ability to stay very small. (The reason why I say ‘ability’ is because we still need 1,000,000 default drivers in the kernel, but when we install a system, we will need to have the easy-button that says ‘erase redundant drivers’).

I know I am being gullible about M$’s campaign, but with the case of Business and Getting Things Done, I think that they are right. Most people cannot do things very efficiently writing their school assignments in LaTeX or text-teletype and maintaining their websites’ contents with text-teletype – oh, and also don’t forget to generate your images with emphasize postscript! Is UNIX out-of-date? Should I be worried about using a system that is ‘stuck in the times’? Eventually, the way UNIX works will become too much of a legacy method. I am frightened to face the thought that this is likely to happen in my lifetime, since computers have yet to change their UI implementations away from the 70s and early 80s

So, do you thing this decade I will be taking up to learn UNIX be wasted? Has it had its time, and is overdue and “the poor old, weak grandpa?” Will it just evolve, and will standards stay free?


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  1. One thing that might be a problem to your article in the future is that there is a lot of speculation on whether or not Unix is Linux. Some say it is, some say it isn’t the same.
    Oh and by the way, if Unix and Linux are the same the Mac is actually a version of Linux. (check out the Apple Get a Mac FAQ page here: but that’s another topic.
    I think that Linux, or Unix will just continue to grow and grow.

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