Shots of OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard Leak

German mag Sevenmac Magazin got themselves a bunch of shots of Apple’s new OS X update, Snow Leopard, and it looks to be the real deal.

We know that Snow Leopard isn’t going to be any kind of massive overhaul, but more of a refinement of the existing OS. It’s aiming for stability, speed, and power management. So these photos dont really say a whole lot besides proving, over and over on different screens, that this is indeed 10.6. We had seen a previous leak of Snow Leopard that looked, well, like Leopard, so these pics are probably real as well. Maybe if I spoke German it’d have some hidden meaning, but as it stands, this should be what it looks like when you choose to sofwareakualisierung, or whatever. Sevenmac has a bunch of other pictures at their site.


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