Protests Against Facebook’s ‘no breast’ Law

Recent moves by Facebook to govern potentially sensitive and inappropriate content posted to its pages has left the social networking service suffering something of a user backlash after it removed personal photos of women breastfeeding.

The enforcement of Facebook’s policy has even resulted in the gathering of protestors outside of its Palo Alto headquarters in California, where disgruntled users carried signs criticising the censorship of what they believe to be a natural facet of motherhood.

Singing songs to help better illustrate their displeasure, banner wavers from the gathered group asked, “when will you learn our breasts are not porn?”

According to protest organiser, Heather Farley, two of her nursing photographs have already been deleted by Facebook and she has also been issued with a warning that her account will be closed completely should another have to be removed.

From Facebook’s standpoint, the social networking giant insists that, while it has no issue with the act of nursing, the removal of certain photographs was necessary due to them clearly showing fully naked breasts.

An official spokesman for Facebook has said that any posted photographs showing either a full nipple or the areola are considered to be in violation of site policy and can therefore be removed.

However, he also noted that breastfeeding photos are generally left untouched and only removed in light of complaints from other users.

Farley’s small protest event came about after she came across a Facebook group called “Hey Facebook breastfeeding is not obscene,” which was put together by event co-organisers the Mothers International Lactation Campaign.


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