Sports Today

Huge Day for College basketball !!

Quite a few games to be played!

Already 1 game has finished which is the Villanova vs. UCLA game which the third ranked Villanova were no match for UCLA. Even though it was an off day for UCLA, Villanova showed why they are ranked ahead of them in the 89-69 win. UCLA did end up winning in some categories in the game like for 3 pointers they were 9-24 and Villanova 8-25.Both teams shot a decent percentage with the Bruins(UCLA) at 42% and the Wildcats(Villanova) at 47%. It was a very entetaining game!

Game stars: Villanova: Dante Cunningham was simply a beast ! 18 pts, 15 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 block and 2 steals great perfomance from him!

for UCLA: Not a great performance for any of the Bruins players but the biggest surprise to me was Darren Collison of the bench for 15 points.

The other games tonight are : Maryland vs. Memphis, Texas A&M vs. UCON, LSU vs. North Carolina, Duke vs. Texas, Michigan vs Oklahoma, W.Kentucky vs. Gonzaga and Purdue vs. Washington.

My Predictions: Memphis, UCON, North Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, Gonzaga and i have a feeling Purdue will win. What do you guys think of these predictions ??

Also Tonight Many hockey games :

The one to watch will be Montreal vs. Toronto its gunna be a nasty game !!

The other games :

  • Stars vs. Sharks  Prediction  4Sharks 2 Stars
  • Capitals vs. Hurricanes  Prediction 5 Caps 4 Canes
  • T.O vs. Mtl Prediction 7 Mtl 5 T.O
  • Buffalo vs. NYR Prediction 3 Buf 2 NYR
  • NYI vs. Sens Prediction 4- Sens 1 NYI
  • CBJ vs. FLO Prediction 5- FLO 3 CBJ
  • TBL vs. ATL Prediction 3-Tampa 0 Atl
  • VAN vs. PHO Prediction 4- VAN 3 PHO

Fotball moves so far today :

The Indianapolis Colts signed Panthers free agent LB Adam Seward to a one-year contract.

The San Diego Chargers put WR Kassim Osgood on the trading block more than two weeks ago, they to get a late-round pick for the special teams standout and wide receiver.

The Cincinnati Bengals have signed FB Naufahu Tahi of the Vikings to an offer sheet of one year and $1.4 million with $500,000 guaranteed. Minnesota has seven days to match the offer.

Interesting Peppers INFO : Pro Football Weekly is saying despite a recent report suggested the Panthers were discussing a trade of DE Julius Peppers to the Patriots for the 34th(2nd) overall pick in the draft, sources in Carolina say the team would need a trade package with much more value than that to even consider dealing Peppers…the Panthers are committed to keeping Peppers, even while he sucks up cap space with a tender offer worth $16.683 million.16 million for one player is alot but Peppers is worth every penny but can he produce while hes not happy with his situation in this team playing a 4-3 and not a 3-4 in which he likes more?

The Minnesota Vikings announced that they have extended the contract of cornerback Cedric Griffin.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have traded fourth-year defensive tackle Tony McDaniel to the Miami Dolphins for an undisclosed draft choice, my Guess would be a 6th at best most likely a 7th.

Former Seattle Seahawks fullback Leonard Weaver has accepted a one-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles…The one-year deal that will pay him $1.75 million but also has incentives that could take the deal to $2.5 million.

Thats it for now, lots more to come in the sporting world !!! Hope you enjoyed the read please comment!


12 Responses

  1. Nice one man youre good btw i like your predictions ! i Think the Montreal one is crazy but like 4-2 for T.O if price is in nets

  2. I really like your style of writing. This article in particular is a good one. Keep up it!

  3. Thanks, im gunna keep this up if you guys have anything you want me to change or add feel free to leave me a message or any questions regarding your team and possible rumours attached to them or players i would definately look into that too btw thanks !!

  4. Wow youre basketball predictions all were right your good ! I loved the purdue game woah that was intense!!!!!!!!

  5. Man the sweet 16 is coming! Nice Predicitions for a white guy you know ur stats nice!!!!!

  6. Sweet 16 baby i go to UCLA and ya they got owned,for a white guy u know youre shit good job!

  7. You said it Tevon those were good predictions, i on the other hand go to Syracuse!!!!!!And they will win it all!

  8. I think this is an excelent blog !

  9. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  10. yo chris i’ma give you a blow job!
    If we live in tha same city, y’know wut im sayin! alright man take it easy.

  11. This blog sucks.

  12. Leafs Suck.

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