FOX News Insults Canada

This morning as I am going through the news (cause that’s what I do something) when I came across this story from FOX news, and the video in question. Is it a joke? Are they trying to be funny? If so then their idea of humor is a far cry from mine. As Canadians wait for the arrival of 4 more soldiers bringing our total loss over 110 killed in Afghanistan we are listening to the vile insults from our southern neighbor and supposed allie.

The latest soldiers killed in duty are from the Canadian forces base in Petawawa, a 2 hour drive from the Nations Capital. I have in fact lived there and have been to the base. I can tell you from first hand experience there are no soldiers anywhere that work harder, or take this more seriously. This is unacceptable, FOX NEWS and Greg Gutfield owe Canada an apology. Yes our Mounties wear red, that is their dress uniform. Do they think we just have horses and no cars? Yes it is frigid up here in the Winter, and northern Canada is very cold all the time. I doubt those pussies from FOX news could stand an hour up here, before crying to mommy to let them go home.

I have been to the United States many times, and actually have lived there for about a year during my stint in the music industry. I have always thought of Americans as our friends. I hope that most of them will be as outraged as I am when seeing this fifth. I have a suspicion that their ratings are in the toilet and that has prompted this desperate attempt to attract viewers, hoping that this garbage will appeal to the less intelligent people of the population. I truly hope that our southern friends rise up and condemn this video, and boycott FOX until an apology is offered. I know I will be encouraging that very thing here.

Have a nice day, EH!!


3 Responses

  1. I am an american and im also appalled at their comments. I have never liked Fox news and never will. Dont worry Im also a soldier and I appreciate the Canadian military service as well. From one soldier to another soldier. My sincere condolences to the families. SGT Chavarria (Ret)

  2. Some of us Americans know how stupid this all is and what a fine ally Canada has been from Juno Beach to Afghanistan. I’ve got two brothers in the USMC and am a conservative, but Fox does not speak for me or most Americans, especially those of us a bit informed on foreign affairs.

    God bless Canada, a great ally and a land of martial valor.

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