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Stariting with NFL : Friday-Saturday and Sunday news :

Larry Johnson’s future in Kansas City could be determined by the outcome of his grievance hearing with the Chiefs on Wednesday…One source familiar with the situation said that should the Chiefs win the grievance, they would probably release Johnson.Woah from a the future of the organisation to the …

The New Orleans Saints have signed former Falcons DT Rod Coleman, Nothing special servicable starter better as a backup IMO.

The Minnesota Vikings have decided to match the $1.4 million offer sheet fullback Naufahu Tahi received from the Cincinnati Bengals, keeping Tahi in Minnesota.

Stock is falling…The following draft prospects stock has taken a hit since the end of the College Football season…QB Nate Davis (Ball State), QB Chase Daniel (Missouri), HB LeSean McCoy (Pittsburgh), HB P.J. Hill (Wisconsin), WR Hakeem Nicks (North Carolina), and SS William Moore (Missouri).

Pro Football Talk is reporting  rumors are circulating that two potential first-round draft prospects tested positive for abuse and/or banned substances at last month’s Scouting Combine. :O wow they have just officially ruined their careers.

New uniforms for 49’ers…The San Francisco 49’ers New uniforms will be unveiled at the 49ers draft party on April 25 at the Santa Clara Convention Center…The new threads — believed to be similar to the “throwbacks” the team has worn in recent seasons, will be displayed before the draft begins.

Team Visits…Oklahoma WR Juaquin Iglesias has a visit scheduled with the Minnesota Vikings on April 8. Ohio State HB Chris “Beanie” Wells has visits scheduled with the Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, and San Diego Chargers…Texas WR Quan Cosby has a visit scheduled with the Denver Broncos on April 1…Iowa CB Bradley Fletcher has visits scheduled with the Atlanta Falcons, New York Jets, and Dallas Cowboys…The New England Patriots have visits scheduled with safeties Patrick Chung (Oregon), William Moore (Missouri) and Louis Delmas (Western Michigan)… Maryland OLB Moise Fokou has a visit scheduled with the Washington Redskins.Western Michigan CB E.J. Biggers has visits scheduled with the Houston Texans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and San Diego Chargers.

Lance Zierlein of the Houston Chronicle reports the Cincinnati Bengals are leaning towards taking a tackle with their first round pick, and that their guy could be Alabama tackle Andre Smith who could play RT or guard for the Bengals.

Lance Zierlein of the Houston Chronicle reports there are beginning to be whispers that Wake Forest LB Aaron Curry won’t go as high as most draft pundits have him…The concern in some quarters is that Curry isn’t a strong pass rusher as a 3-4 OLB and that the Chiefs and Browns could look in a different direction with the 3rd and 5th picks respectively.

The Kansas City Chiefs hope Detroit makes Georgia QB Matt Stafford its No. 1 pick…and leave them with the pick of defensive players when their turn rolls around at No. 3 of the April 25-26 draft.


check that out Villanova vs. Pitt this is just sick amazing beautifull please check out the vid Villanova with .5 seconds wins it but wait Pitt tries the long 3 it hit the backboard and it …..

This has been the best game yet it this tourney .


For all you leaf fans this here is a little post on Pogee:

“He is still 22 years of age and is playing only his third season of professional hockey. But, Justin Pogge is probably a lot farther down the line with the Maple Leafs. If Brian Burke and Ron Wilson didn’t come to town with preconceived notions about the goalie the club chose 90th overall in the 2004 NHL draft, it didn’t take long for either man to voice concern. Bluntly and accurately, Burke made it known on several occasions that Pogge has not earned a look-see in the NHL with his play in the minors this season. Instead, Pogge’s appearances with the Maple Leafs have come out of necessity to gauge whether the organization’s top goaltending prospect has made any progress toward becoming heir apparent to Vesa Toskala. The results are not overwhelming.

Pogge received a poignant, uncensored reminder of where he likely stands with the Leafs’ high command midway through the second period of Saturday night’s disaster against Boston at the Air Canada Centre. Low-scoring winger Shawn Thornton embarrassed him with a weak goal to provide the Bruins a 5-4 advantage. Wilson — as he is wont to do — called a 30-second time-out at a critical juncture of the game, purportedly to settle down his players. It’s a tactic he has used with success on several occasions this season. The difference here was that Wilson’s breather lasted no more than 10 seconds — the interval required for him to lambaste Pogge in front of his teammates and a nation-wide audience on Hockey Night in Canada. In fact, it was probably the shortest time-out ever taken by a coach in the NHL. Perhaps, also, the least-effective.

Pogge’s dreadful night ended just 1:14 later, when David Krejci tucked a backhand shot between his legs for a 6-4 Bruins lead. It finished off a three-goal eruption in a 3:43 span. Wilson immediately turned to his left and called for Curtis Joseph, who made his way onto the ice for the third time this week. Pogge sulked to the bench and sat with his mask on for a full five minutes before showing his face. Whether or not he planned it that way isn’t known, but you have to wonder if he’ll get another chance to ply his trade in a Leafs’ uniform.

Neither Burke nor Wilson have been pleased with Pogge’s development and work habits in the AHL. Prior to the season [and Burke’s arrival at the end of November], Cliff Fletcher hired former NHL netminder Corey Hirsch primarily to mentor Pogge with the Toronto Marlies. The Leafs were concerned that Pogge wasn’t attaining new heights in the minors, and had stagnated in his second pro season a year ago. Whether or not it hindered his advancement, Pogge was glued to the bench in favour of veteran Scott Clemmensen through the bulk of the AHL playoffs last spring; Marlies’ coach Greg Gilbert clearly believing he stood a better chance to win without the young prospect. Fairly or otherwise, Hirsch had a negligible affect on Pogge this season, and Burke knows he has some important decisions to make in the next year or so about the Leafs’ goaltending plans moving forward.

As it stands, Toskala will probably be given every chance to prove his dismal season this year was the result of groin and hip problems; the Finnish-born netminder recently underwent hip surgery in Vail, Colorado. Though he can no longer be entrusted with the starter’s role, it appears veteran Martin Gerber is capable enough to handle the No. 2 position behind Toskala next season. But, Toskala will be in the final year of his contract with the Leafs, and there is no conceivable way Burke will extend him until the goalie confirms whether or not physical damage indeed ruined his ‘08-09 campaign. In a perfect world, the franchise’s top young prospect would be waiting in the wings to step in for Toskala, but Pogge has given no indication that he’ll be of big-league caliber anytime soon.”

Now my opinion Pogee will meet his expectations give him time i understand plp in TO are urging this team to go to Pogee remember 4 years left on Burkes 5 year plan tons of time to either get a new goalie or Develope Justin Pogee.

Now yesterday’s games:

NYR3 Pitt4








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