Tweetdeck for iPhone

Tweetdeck is now on the iPhone. That’s right – the reversed-palate, desktop-hogging application has now gone mobile, releasing its first iPhone version today. The TweetDeck community ferverently downloaded it and spread the exciting news that they have been waiting for since the idea was mentioned last summer. Some of you might have tried the desktop app in the past and moved on for whatever reason. You might want to take a second look and see what both the desktop and the iPhone applications now have to offer.

As you may know, TweetDeck is known for its multiple-column layout. Previously, the desktop application would only allow 10 columns; the desktop the desktop version released today has no limits.

Wait, it gets better: you can retain your groups through the new account sync. This is, by far, the best feature of the new TweetDeck. Your tweets, settings, and groups are saved – no matter where you are using the application – on your phone, on your desktop at work, or your computer at home.

The second best feature of Tweetdeck is multiple accounts. Since nearly the beginning, users have pleaded for the ability to use the robust application with multiple Twitter accounts (common for marketers, bloggers, and other full-time tweeters). Even though the iPhone app doesn’t include EVERY feature of the desktop application, you have the ability to set up and use multiple accounts just like the desktop. The best part about it is that if you set up your second Twitter account on your iPhone, you’ll sync your settings and be able to use it on your desktop, too.

  • When you are in the initial setup, you may crash if you try to create or sign in to your TweetDeck account. Click on “Skip This” as you can fix it later once you are running. All you need to do is go into Settings and set it up. This will probably be fixed with their first update – it’s a pretty big bug.
  • While the desktop application can have multiple columns, the iPhone app gets sluggish with too many. I encountered a crash loop when trying to use 21 columns. My recommendation is that you keep your phone columns at 10 or less. If you use more, you may wish to purge old or read tweets to prevent crashing.
  • The desktop application has Facebook status integrated, but the iPhone app doesn’t. This is a bit of a downer; hopefully, they will consider adding this for their users in the next update.

All in all, the TweetDeck app – or should we call it a “service” now, with the ability to create TweetDeck sync accounts – is evolving well. It’s far from the clunky original version – and should get better as Adobe’s AIR platform matures. You can view a full list of features for both public beta applications and download them for free from the TweetDeck website.


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