Multi Touch Comes to Magic Mouse

Apple’s key to success:

Come up with an amazing technology and use it on everything.

First the iPhone, then iPod touch, soon after macbook trackpads, the newest apple product to adapt multitouch is their new revolutionary “magic mouse”. It’s the first mouse I’ve seen that is without a single button. The entire surface of the mouse is sensitive and can detect your fingers.

Like any apple fan I decided that I needed to go try this out, so I headed to my local apple store to give it a shot. During my short time using it I notice it was surprisingly easy to use and enjoyable. The scrolling was simple and had no learning curve whatsoever, two finger swiping worked near perfectly. I do wish that apple would have kept a way to trigger expose but who says that cant be fixed with a creative software update. All in all the mouse was easy to use and I think I’ll be picking one up sometime soon.


Three in a row.

The last week has been a fun one. The new look habs are finally starting to play as a group and it shows with their on ice production. The most notable hot streak of the week is newly signed winger Mike Cammalleri who recorded his first hat trick in a habs uniform. The big disappointment so far has been winger Andrei Kostitsyn who has not woken up from his summer nap. Halak will get a surprising fourth straight start tonight against the Islanders. I’m off to go get ready for the game.