Pirate Bay Sells to Swedish Software Firm

Swedish software company Global Gaming Factory X AB said on Tuesday it had agreed to buy free file-sharing website The Pirate Bay, and that it would find ways to compensate copyright owners for downloaded material.

The four Swedish men behind the website were sentenced in April to one year in jail and ordered to pay damages of 3.6 million dollars for running the site, which is one of the world’s largest for downloading files on the Internet.

The buyer said the website, for which it would pay $7.7 million, was viable based on plans for a new business model that would satisfy both content providers and copyright owners.

Music and film companies including Warner Bros, MGM, Columbia Pictures, 20th Century Fox Films, Sony BMG, Universal and EMI had sought damages of more than $12.6 million to compensate for lost revenues.

The verdict has been appealed to a higher court


How to remove quiz notifications from Facebook

I was fed up with all those crappy quizzes and games notification in my Facebook page. Whenever I logged in to my Facebook page, those annoying quizzes notifications were the first ones to appear, so I decided to get rid of it and started my hunt. This is what I found and let me share it with all you guys.

First of all, you need to be a Firefox user to do this. Under Firefox, install an add-on called GreaseMonkey. Once installed a small icon will appear on the status bar on your browser. Next, you need to install the Facebook Purity Script for the GreaseMonkey. Then make sure that both the GreaseMonkey and Facebook Purity Script is enabled by right clicking the icon in the status bar and checking the “manage user scripts” option. Once done, open your Facebook page and see the results. The greasemonkey script “Facebook Purity Script” removes all the third party application’s notifications such as quizzes and games created by external developers leaving behind your original nofications and status, messages, comments and so on. Now the facebook becomes pure as it should be.

Tweetdeck for iPhone

Tweetdeck is now on the iPhone. That’s right – the reversed-palate, desktop-hogging application has now gone mobile, releasing its first iPhone version today. The TweetDeck community ferverently downloaded it and spread the exciting news that they have been waiting for since the idea was mentioned last summer. Some of you might have tried the desktop app in the past and moved on for whatever reason. You might want to take a second look and see what both the desktop and the iPhone applications now have to offer.

As you may know, TweetDeck is known for its multiple-column layout. Previously, the desktop application would only allow 10 columns; the desktop the desktop version released today has no limits.

Wait, it gets better: you can retain your groups through the new account sync. This is, by far, the best feature of the new TweetDeck. Your tweets, settings, and groups are saved – no matter where you are using the application – on your phone, on your desktop at work, or your computer at home.

The second best feature of Tweetdeck is multiple accounts. Since nearly the beginning, users have pleaded for the ability to use the robust application with multiple Twitter accounts (common for marketers, bloggers, and other full-time tweeters). Even though the iPhone app doesn’t include EVERY feature of the desktop application, you have the ability to set up and use multiple accounts just like the desktop. The best part about it is that if you set up your second Twitter account on your iPhone, you’ll sync your settings and be able to use it on your desktop, too.

  • When you are in the initial setup, you may crash if you try to create or sign in to your TweetDeck account. Click on “Skip This” as you can fix it later once you are running. All you need to do is go into Settings and set it up. This will probably be fixed with their first update – it’s a pretty big bug.
  • While the desktop application can have multiple columns, the iPhone app gets sluggish with too many. I encountered a crash loop when trying to use 21 columns. My recommendation is that you keep your phone columns at 10 or less. If you use more, you may wish to purge old or read tweets to prevent crashing.
  • The desktop application has Facebook status integrated, but the iPhone app doesn’t. This is a bit of a downer; hopefully, they will consider adding this for their users in the next update.

All in all, the TweetDeck app – or should we call it a “service” now, with the ability to create TweetDeck sync accounts – is evolving well. It’s far from the clunky original version – and should get better as Adobe’s AIR platform matures. You can view a full list of features for both public beta applications and download them for free from the TweetDeck website.

Iranian Protest Video

This is a crazy amount of supporters. Stay Strong!

Twitter Delays Downtime for Iranian Protest

Twitter had been planning to have a 90 minute downtime tonight for maintenance. Given what’s going on over in Iran right now, that was a problem. And so Twitter has decided to reschedule the maintenance so the protests can go on.

This is a good move by Twitter. It clearly didn’t want to have to move the maintenance window that it calls a “critical network upgrade,” but the users made it pretty clear that they don’t want the service going down at all during this important time. So Twitter worked with its network partner NTT America to reschedule the maintenance for 2-3 PM Pacific, which will be 1:30 in the morning in Iran, rather than during the day.

Twitter uses the rest of the post to praise NTT America for its flexibility, but really this is all about Iran. The people over there are using Twitter as a tool of choice for spreading info about what is going on, even as other outlets for communication are being blocked

The American People Own GM?

Every now and then some monstrous stupidity comes along: unfortunately it’s more and more frequent these days. At times like these, I feel it’s necessary for us to stop what we’re doing and pay attention to what just happened. Or at least to point it out and ask others to look at what’s happening.

The citizen’s of the United States just became co-owners of a formerly multi-billion dollar automaker, in the company of General Motors.

Now stop and think about the implications of this.

This country, a country famed for free enterprise, just bought a huge chunk of the national automaking infrastructure.

The president, regardless of whether you voted for him or not, just gave tens of billions of dollars to private industry.

Are you getting the picture?

Let me put a finer point on it… the president made tens of billions of dollars appear out of thin air, because you know we don’t have that kind of money sitting around, not to mention the multi-trillion deficit. He gave this money to parts of an industry that mismanaged itself right down the toilet.

The U.S as a country has rewarded the flushing of an industry caused by anything from financial stupidity to downright stupidity.

Those of us with short memories need to think back to the bank handout, where billions of dollars was has handed over to the financial sector and very little of it was ever accounted for. It was shoehorned through the thoroughly impotent branch of stupidity known as Congress with the cry of EMERGENCY- WE HAVE TO DO THIS NOW!!!! There is still very little in the way of accounting. This is because the money was given away. To the bankers. We just wind up borrowing more from the federal reserve, which isn’t federal or a reserve. It’s a private banking system.

Both industries allowed themselves to fail. when they were allegedly circling the bowl, they cried poor and their buddy, the president, stepped right up to print up more money out of nowhere and rescue them – whether we like it or not.

When you go bankrupt, you can’t simply print money in a deficit. You cannot cry to a president to bail you out – you’re what’s known as ‘screwed’. When, then, is it perfectly ok to send ten or sixty billion to Corporate America? If I were to open a restaurant and go out of business, I would get nothing but an eviction notice and bills. Why should industry be different?

Required Graphics Cards for Snow Leopard

Apple’s Snow Leopard page has revealed some details about hardware support for the H.264 acceleration and Open CL.

The latest MacBook Pro’s offer hardware acceleration for H.264 video playback. While Apple has included graphics cards that have contained hardware support for H.264 decoding, the company has only recently taken advantage of this hardware acceleration. Snow Leopard specs have support but it seems to be available only to a limited number of graphics cards. It does not appear that this support will extend to older video cards. Hardware decoding of H.264 video improves the performance of video playback while, at the same time, leaving your computer’s CPU free to do other tasks.

Here are the list of GPUs that will be supported for the upcoming hardware acceleration and OpenCL:

-NVIDIA Geforce 8600M GT, GeForce 8800 GT, GeForce 8800 GTS, Geforce 9400M, GeForce 9600M GT, GeForce GT 120, GeForce GT 130.

-ATI Radeon 4850, Radeon 4870

Some companies have found a 5x speed increase in video encoding when using OpenCL-esque technology