Texting While Driving

We all know that texting and driving is dangerous, but what about going beyond just sending short text messages, and actually composing and sending emails while driving? I’m voting for “stupid” as the proper adjective to use.

Lane Roster, a Huntington Beach, California repo man who has taken driving and emailing to an extreme. Mr. Roster decided that he absolutely had to send emails while driving, so he mounted his iPhone on the dash of his car and loaded the Email n’ Walk app, a program that uses a camera view of what’s directly ahead of you as the backdrop to a standard email screen.

Email ‘n Walk, as the name implies, is designed to be used while walking. Roster, in a phone interview, stated that “If I can’t email and drive or send an occasional text I would get absolutely nothing done.” He also admitted to getting into two minor accidents while emailing and driving.

I’m going to end this post with two quick reminders: Don’t text (or e-mail) and drive, and try to stay out of Huntington Beach, California if you value your life


Santa Claus’ Email Account


I love this santaclaus@gmail.com snapshot. Bono, Jesuschrist, Rudolph, and Steve in his contacts; him chatting about how he’ll give Xboxes to bad boys instead of coal because of the energy crisis; God wanting his Wii…

Gmail Has Emoticons

Following closely on the heels of Google Labs releases like Mail Goggles and Canned Responses, the Gmail team has announced another feature, and it’s sure to make you smile. 

For those of you who feel “:)”, “;p”, “:}” lack a certain something, you now have the option to use illustrative smiles, lobsters, and fly infested piles of… well, you get a lot of options!

Bad But Common Passwords

I received an e-mail from Melissa about bad passwords. She wanted me to post this in my blog so here it goes, the top 7 bad but common passwords:

There are many other common choices for passwords that are easy for the main user to remember, but ridiculously easy for others to guess. Don’t use these.

  • Your own name
  • Your child’s name
  • Your birthday or anniversary
  • the name of your hobby (want to hack a business man’s e-mail? – try “golf” as the password)
  • The default password that came with the system. (I have it on good authority most people never change the default password on those cars with the button locks – “1-2-3-4” will open a lot of expensive cars.)
  • The password that you gave the technician setting up your system. (Sure, he’s probably a swell guy who would never misuse it – but what if you’re wrong? If you wanted to sneak into other people’s computers, can you think of an easier plan than getting a job helping them set up accounts and passwords?)
  • The replacement password that was e-mailed to you when you couldn’t remember your own. (Again, somebody else has your password.)

Thank you for this list Melissa. I sure hope many of you will change your passwords if you are using one of the ones listed above. If you have any other bad or common passwords, leave a comment or e-mail me at robertdalesio@gmail.com