Multi Touch Comes to Magic Mouse

Apple’s key to success:

Come up with an amazing technology and use it on everything.

First the iPhone, then iPod touch, soon after macbook trackpads, the newest apple product to adapt multitouch is their new revolutionary “magic mouse”. It’s the first mouse I’ve seen that is without a single button. The entire surface of the mouse is sensitive and can detect your fingers.

Like any apple fan I decided that I needed to go try this out, so I headed to my local apple store to give it a shot. During my short time using it I notice it was surprisingly easy to use and enjoyable. The scrolling was simple and had no learning curve whatsoever, two finger swiping worked near perfectly. I do wish that apple would have kept a way to trigger expose but who says that cant be fixed with a creative software update. All in all the mouse was easy to use and I think I’ll be picking one up sometime soon.


Bare Naked Ladies Scandle

Singer/guitarist Steven Page of the Barenaked Ladies has been arrested on suspicion of cocaine possession. 

On Friday New York cops in Manilus observed the Canadian singer and his companion, Stephanie Ford, sitting at a cafe table with what appeared to be cocaine in front of them, as they answered a police report about a suspicious vehicle nearby.
The substance tested positive for cocaine according to police reports obtained by Page and Ford have since been charged with felony possession of a controlled substance. They were both released on $10,000 bail.
A representative for Barenaked Ladies tells, “We cannot comment because the matter is before the court. we are confident that our client Steven will be completely exonerated.”
The controversy could not have come at a worse time for Barenaked Ladies, who have just released a children’s album.
In my opinion, this situation may cause some problems financially for the group, because many parents these days don’t want their children anywhere near a “delinquent” group of singers. But I know that if I had a kid, this situation wouldn’t have an impact on me. Their music was great before this incident and its still great now. It just sucks that the group won’t be able to maintain their “clean” image. In Canada, they were and they still remain icons. I loved their music and I still love it.